3 Family Activities You HAVE To Experience In Orlando

Looking for fun, family-focused places to visit in Orlando? We have you covered. ICON Park has 40+ incredible attractions, restaurants, and bars that will have your family smiling from ear to ear every time you arrive. Bright colors, plenty of attractions, and a family atmosphere can all be found in this 1-stop shop for family adventures. Free parking makes getting into ICON Park a breeze, and your family will be thanking you for the experience.

Win parents of the year by coming to ICON Park and checking out these 3 family activities that will have your kids begging to come back soon.

Ride The Wheel

If you’re a local, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen the 400-foot high wheel that towers above International Drive. Located right in the center of some of Orlando’s biggest attractions, The Wheel at ICON Park is a 20-minute, scenic experience that’s exhilarating for the whole family. With views that match even some of the tallest skyscrapers of downtown, your family will see The City Beautiful in ways you’ve never imagined. 

For visitors of Central Florida, this is your chance to see just how amazing the city is. See for yourself miles and miles of theme parks, the downtown skyline, and even the ocean in a family-focused experience that’s not only exciting but educational. Each capsule includes monitors to teach your kids about the local wildlife and history, all while feeling like a grand adventure.

Family activities in Orlando

Enjoy Some Sugar

Looking to get the kids excited? Nothing will get them going more than the bright lights, crazy meals, and delicious food you can get at The Sugar Factory, located inside of ICON Park. Known as being a celebrity go-to, your kids will be blown away by the crazy connections that are served daily. 

But don’t let the name fool you, parents will enjoy the gourmet food offered just as much as the kids will enjoy the ice cream. The Sugar Factory is a great place to come back to and enjoy smoking-goblet cocktails and other signature drinks that make ICON Park fun for both the kids and parents.

Swim With The Fishes

You might not be in the tanks, but SEA LIFE at ICON Park is even better. Your family will get face-to-fin with thousands of creatures ranging from sharks to stingrays and even sea turtles. Let your kids explore this Orlando aquarium and watch as their eyes light up as they walk through the 360-degree tunnel where anything is possible. Being both fun and educational, SEA LIFE encourages great times while also letting your kids learn more about the life of animals under the sea.

The best part about ICON Park is that you can enjoy a full day of fun with your family without breaking the bank. You can easily purchase packages with different activities that significantly reduce the overall cost, all while being the hero that created lasting memories with your family.

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