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Museum of Illusions Orlando

Prepare to suspend disbelief as the reality-bending wizards are about to turn your world upside down (literally). 

Welcome The Masters of Mind-Blowing Illusions!

With locations in over 20 countries around the world, the Museum of Illusions is internationally acclaimed for bringing optical magic to life through jaw-dropping, walkthrough exhibits that invite you to step outside the laws of nature. Learn more about this gravity-defying attraction that’s a feast for your senses when you purchase tickets online. 

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The Wheel + Illusions Combo

Experience The Wheel + Museum of Illusions* for twice the fun.

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*Advanced reservations are REQUIRED for Museum of Illusions only*


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Experience 10 of our most popular attractions, including The Wheel, The Great Florida Road Trip, SEA LIFE Aquarium, Madame Tussauds, Museum of Illusions, Max Action Arena, 7D Motion Theater, Pearl Express, and more! Plus enjoy exclusive shopping and dining discounts up to 20% off!

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Journey Through the Wonderful, Wacky World of the Weird

When you visit ICON Park’s Museum of Illusions, you’re in for a wonderful journey through this wacky world of the weird and unusual. You’ll be left wondering which way is up when you walk through an upside-down living room or a swirling vortex tunnel, causing your senses to swirl in unexpected and delightful ways. Be sure to keep your phone handy because these enjoyably eerie environments also make for perfectly brow-raising photo ops.

The Language of Fun is Universal, Making this a Star Attraction

The original Museum of Illusions concept was launched in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015 and has since emerged as a recognizable international brand. With locations in 18 cities around the world, this new global trend offers a one-of-a-kind experience where fun and education go hand-in-hand for visitors. The museum’s illusions are optical, photographic, and interactive. Optical illusions play tricks on your eyes and brain and serve as a reminder that our senses are far from being perfect. Photographic illusions create distorted world perceptions as seen through photos visitors can take with their own cameras. Interactive illusions can be as big as a room for mind-blowing, immersive fun for guests of all ages.

Experience the Unexpected at Every Unique Twist and Turn

Have you ever wondered how famous illusions like holograms actually work? The Museum of Illusions can give you an insider’s look at how people are capable of tricking the human eye into seeing the impossible. Mind-boggling interactive immersions challenge visitors to craft their own visual sorcery and overcome the limits of human logic. You’ve got to see this extraordinary attraction to disbelieve it for yourself, so we hope you’ll walk, drive, or hop down the nearest wormhole to Orlando’s ICON Park to get a little bizarre entertainment at our newest attraction. Visitors to the Museum of Illusions can laugh, scream, run, take photos, and other things not allowed in more traditional museums, as they prepare for the unexpected at every twist and turn. We promise you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see here!

Unleash Your Inner Curiosity During Your NExt ICON Park Trip

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world adventure for the senses? Unleash your inner curiosity and make sure your next trip to ICON Park includes a visit to the Museum of Illusions. Broaden your knowledge and perspective in a world that isn’t what it seems. Purchase your tickets online early to save. Contact us today to learn more about pricing, hours, directions, or ideas of where to stay if you’re coming to us from out-of-town.

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