helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm

helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm


Get Your Game On at ICON Park

Attention gamers! This Saturday is National Video Game Day, and if you’re looking for a great way to level up your celebration, we’d like to invite you to get your game on at ICON Park. Home to a world-class arcade, a thrilling virtual attraction, and tons of great bites to boost your joystick stamina, there’s no better place to take a break from that tired old console of yours and get competitive. 

Arcade City

Image Source: @arcadecityorlando

Arcade City features all of the classic and modern games you love in a high-energy, carnival-like atmosphere. Inside this virtual playland, you can go head-to-head with your favorite opponent in a high-speed Mario Kart tournament or best them at no holds barred air hokey free-for-all. If you prefer single-player mode, see how many points you can rack up in high-tech hoop toss, ski ball, and the ever-popular Whack-and-Win. The stakes are high as you play your heart out for tickets toward truly unbelievable prizes, so bring your game face!

7D Dark Ride Adventure

Image Source: visitorlando.com

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably played a video game once or twice. But have you ever LIVED one? ICON Park’s 7D Dark Ride Adventure puts you and your co-players in the middle of your own first-person shooter. Armed with lasers, you and your team will battle to defeat zombies, menacing robots, and other virtual villains. This is a can’t miss for any gamer worth his/her high scores!

From Megabytes to Mega Bites

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Does all that gaming have your stomach rumbling for a power-up? ICON Park is home to dozens of dynamite bites to keep up your strength during a day-long game-a-thon. From a plate of saucy chicken at Buffalo Wild Wings to a winning burger-fry combo at Shake Shack, these bomb bites will leave you wanting a bonus round!

Whether you’re a hardcore console king or just casually appreciate a good game of pinball, this National Video Game Day is the perfect time to get your game on at ICON Park. If you want to enjoy all of these attractions and more, be sure to pick up the ICON Park Play Pass– an all inclusive ticket option that will make your day of gaming a whole lot easier. So, limber up that trigger finger and get ready to play your way through a weekend of pixelated fun here at Orlando’s Hometown Playground.