helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm

helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm


Have a Cup of Cheer at ICON Park

A northern breeze has blown the holiday season back to Central Florida! While we’re all excited to “take a cup of kindness” to toast this treasured time, peace on Earth and goodwill toward men won’t exactly quench your thirst. Lucky for all you wassailers, Orlando’s hometown playground is serving up some festively flavorful drinks during this time of celebration. Whether you like your beverages hot, cold, or with a little extra “spirit,” you’re warmly invited to have a cup of cheer at ICON Park!

The Gobble Gobble Insane Milkshake at Sugar Factory

Pumpkin-lovers are bound to fall for Sugar Factory’s all-new Gobble Gobble Insane Milkshake! This towering concoction combines everything you love about the classic holiday confection with the “mind-gobbling” wizardry of this famous brasserie’s signature shakes. Vanilla ice cream blended with pumpkin pie chunks, served in a chocolate-coated glass, and topped with a slice of pie will have you licking your lips for seconds.

Sangria at Tapa Toro

Sangria is a perennial staple of Spanish Cuisine at Tapa Toro. This year everyone’s favorite Castilian kitchen is making the beloved beverage a new part of your holiday tradition. If you decide to bring flavors of Spain home with you this Thanksgiving, your meal will include your selection of Tapa Toro’s famed red or white sangria. Just one more thing to give thanks for this season! Learn more about this offer HERE.

Winter Citrusade at Shake Shack

While others may dream of a white Christmas, we at ICON Park personally like our season on the sunny side. Maybe that’s why we’re in love with Shake Shack’s all-new Winter Citrusade! This tangy tincture mixes Shack Shake’s refreshing house-made lemonade with sweet, blood orange flavor and a blast of lime. If you ever wanted to spend Christmas on Christmas Island, this delightful drink will take your taste buds on a flavor vacation!   

Holiday Shake Trio at Shake Shack

C’mon! Did you really think citrusy treats were the ONLY yuletide yummies our friends at Shake Shack would crank out this season. This years, these bosses of the blender have switched up their usual holiday menu with two new instant classics! Chocolate Spice adds a cinnamon kick to a rich, cookies and creme creation. The Candy Cane Marshmallow mixes creamy vanilla and zesty peppermint a shake as a fluffy as fresh-fallen snow. Meanwhile, the fan-favorite Christmas Cookie has returned to blend Santa’s famous milk-and-cookie combo into one delicious dessert!

Frozen Hot Chocolate at The Wheelhouse Market

Nothing says Christmas quite like a good cup of hot chocolate, and the culinary elves at Wheelhouse Market have put a frosty twist on this Christmas classic. This Frozen Hot Chocolate combines all of the creamy yumminess of classic cocoa with an invigorating, icy blast that pairs nicely with the hot Florida sun. Of course, if you crave a warm feeling in your belly, we’re happy to serve your hot chocolate HOT!

Favorite treats are a cherished part of the holiday season, and our iconic family is excited to serve up the flavors of traditions old and new. As we dash through this treasured time, we hope that you’ll take a moment to join us and have a cup of cheer at ICON Park. We’ll start pouring!