helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm

helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm


The Museum of Illusions – Prepare to Be Amazed!

No, you aren’t seeing things! The original Museum of Illusions is on its way to ICON Park, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome these masters of the mind-blowing to our iconic family. We hope you’re ready to suspend disbelief because these reality-bending wizards are about to turn your world upside down (literally)!

With locations in over 20 countries around the world, the Museum of Illusions is internationally acclaimed for its optical magic brought to life through jaw-dropping, walkthrough exhibits that invite you to step outside the laws of nature! Whether it’s defying gravity in an upside-down living room or wondering which way is up in a swirling vortex tunnel, your senses will swirl as you journey through this world of the weird. Be sure to have your phone handy, because these enjoyably eerie environments also make for perfectly brow-raising photo ops.  

If you’ve ever wondered how famous illusions like holograms work, the Museum of Illusions will give you an insider look at how you can trick and tease the human eye into seeing the impossible. Mind-boggling interactive immersions will challenge you to craft your own visual sorcery and overcome the limits of logic. Check out the video above for a taste of the types of trickery that you’ll get to explore, .  

When the Museum of Illusions materializes later this year, science, whimsy, and the mysteries of the human mind will combine to create a fascinating playland of unique perspective and limitless imagination. Keep an eye on your crystal ball, as opening dates may appear soon. You’ve got to see this one-of-a-kind experience to disbelieve it, so we hope you’ll walk, drive, or hop the nearest wormhole down to Orlando’s Hometown Playground to get a little bizarre at the Museum of Illusions!