helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm

helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm


Tallest Thrills in Orlando: The Top Four

Orlando is home to some of the tallest thrills in the world. We’d like to take this opportunity to brag about our size. You know… of our attractions. As theme park capital of the world, Orlando is no stranger to skyscraping rides that take guests to new heights. Being a giant among giants, we at ICON Park thought we should celebrate the rides that take Central Florida thrill seekers a level above the rest. So, strap in and hang on tight as we take you on a tour of the tallest of the tall from ICON Park, Universal Studios, Fun Spot America, and Sea World.

1. The Wheel – ICON Park

a skyline view of the Wheel one of the tallest thrill rides at ICON Park
Fully experience Orlando by viewing its stunning sunset from 400 feet.

Clocking in at 400 ft., The Wheel at ICON Park is one of the tallest thrill rides that boasts one of the highest vantage points on Orlando’s International Drive. Guests who take flight aboard this rotating wonder enjoy a 20-minute trip to the tallest accessible point in Central Florida. Not to mention, the only one on this list where you can enjoy the thrill of high altitude with cold beverage and tasty bite in hand. What more could you want?

2. SkyCoaster – Fun Spot America

the tilt a whirl thrill ride at fun spot america

Resident thrill junkies won’t want to miss the SkyCoaster in Kissimmee’s Fun Spot America. This classic attraction takes guests screaming down a harnessed, 300 ft. drop to simulate the sensation of flight. It’s a lot of fun, but frankly, The Wheel’s Sky Bar is much more our speed.

3. Mako – Sea World

the Mako one of the tallest thrill rides at Sea World

A few miles down the road from ICON Park, our friends at Sea World have whipped up a must-do for coaster fans. Soaring 200 ft. skyward, Mako is the tallest thrill rides in the form of a rollercoaster in Orlando, and is designed to make you feel like its namesake predator, prowling the ocean. Of course, if you’re craving a calmer encounter with the creatures of the deep, you might want to check out  SEA LIFE Aquarium here at ICON Park.

4. Rip Ride Rockit – Universal Studios

the Rip Ride Rockit one of the tallest thrill rides at Universal Studios
The Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios

Universal Studio’s Rip Ride Rockit lets its riders take a 167 ft. vertical plunge to a soundtrack of their choice. Cute, but for a fraction of the cost, we’ll help you fly higher and faster and still  give you the chance to meet E.T., Shrek, and Kung Fu Panda’s Po at Madame Tussauds Orlando. And no, we don’t mind if you turn up the volume on your favorite song.

It’s plain to see there is no shortage of heights to conquer here in Central Florida. Of course, for the perfect blend high-flying fun and down-to-earth relaxation, you’ve already landed at ICON Park, Orlando’s hometown playground.