helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm

helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm


Face Your Fear of Heights at ICON Park

Orlando is what some might call a city of giants! Home to thrill rides that stand over 400 feet tall, it’s a haven for those seeking their latest adrenaline fix. Of course, those harrowing heights aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. As you might know, ICON Park is home to some of the tallest thrills in the City Beautiful, and we think everyone deserves a chance to experience Orlando’s highest heights. With a little help from The Wheel, we can help you face your fear of heights at ICON Park.

Here’s our top five reasons for conquering your fears aboard The Wheel:

1. Low-Speed Spinning

Some of Orlando’s sky-scraping coasters send you to dizzy heights at speeds over 70 mph, but our friend The Wheel likes to do his high rolling at less than 1mph. Aboard this big guy, you don’t have to worry about any sudden stops, drops, or bumps. Just take a deep breath and enjoy a stunning panorama of Orlando for 22 minutes.  

2. Look Ma! No Seat Belts!

Yes, you read that right! There’s no seat belts on this baby. Why? Well, you really don’t need them. While The Wheel’s capsules have a bench if you want to take a load off, we think you’ll enjoy your ride best on your feet. Feel free to move around the capsule to take in the scenic view from every angle. Of course, if you’re feeling a little wobbly, have some sit-down or lean on the support bar for extra comfort.

3. Front Row Seat at 400 Feet

If Orlando’s known for anything more than its rides and attractions, its fireworks. Every night, the City Beautiful’s skyline comes alive with nighttime spectaculars from the local theme parks. If you ride The Wheel at the right time in the evening (usually between 9pm-10pm), you can get an eye-level look at many of these incredible displays without paying theme park admission. Plus, this kaleidoscope in the sky is the perfect distraction from just how high you’re flying!

4. Aviation Libations

Let’s admit it, alcohol can be a GREAT friend when facing your fears. We welcome you to enjoy your flight at 400 feet with a little liquid courage in hand. Before taking flight, grab yourself a brew or a glass of wine at our pre-flight bar and feel free to nurse it all the way around The Wheel. If you want a little extra “security” during your flight, book you and your party aboard The Wheel’s Sky Bar and enjoy a cooler full of potent potables throughout your flight. You’re running out of excuses…  

5. Family Flight

Our favorite part about taking flight aboard The Wheel is that the whole family can get in on the fun! Since The Wheel’s capsules can hold up to 15 people, you can bring along as much emotional support as you need to face your fear of heights at ICON Park. Believe us, with that many friends and family in one capsule, the high altitude will be the LEAST of your worries.

Whether heights just make you a little jittery or you’ve got full-blown acrophobia, The Wheel is the perfect ride to help you overcome it. We look forward to helping you face your fear of heights at, Orlando’s Hometown Playground.