helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm

helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm


True Team ICONs

At ICON Park, it’s no secret, we have a lot to brag about. From hosting some of the tallest rides in town to offering dynamite drinking and dining, it’s clear why we’re known as Orlando’s Hometown Playground. Still, at the end of the day, what we’re proudest of is our incredible team who quite literally keeps our wheels spinning by delivering first-class hospitality and service. Their dedication to creating memorable Orlando experiences for all our guests makes ICON Park stand taller than even a 400 ft. wheel ever could. They are all true team ICONs!

We’re excited to introduce to you to two standout team members who serve as a shining examples of the best ICON Park has to offer. These talented ladies have the hearts, smarts, and winning smiles to transform any guest visit into a special memory. We know you’re going to love them as much we do!

Meet Liri Sheffi

Liri is an excitingly fresh, bright addition to the ICON Park family! After just five months with us, this first-year college student has already distinguished herself as a service superstar! As a guest service host, Liri is an expert at crafting personalized experiences for all ICON Park guests that “engage them in the best way possible.”

Born in Israel, Liri has been a Central Floridian for 16 years. She is currently pursuing a major in Secondary Education with a focus in Social Studies at the University of Central Florida, with aspirations to one day hold a government office in education. Told you she was bright!

Liri’s love of people and passion for service is evident in how she treats every guest. She says her favorite part about working at ICON Park is making connections with visitors and “learning why they’re in town.” Liri has also loves having fun with her family of coworkers. In fact, one of her best on-the-job memories is participating in her first Secret Santa last Christmas!

When she’s not on the clock or hitting the books, you might find Liri cooking up a scrumptious snack for her family at home (FYI, we hear she’s almost cracked the code for PERFECT chocolate chip cookies.) Of course, on an eat-out sort of night, she’s a big fan of our very own Yard House. Follow that up with a moonlit flight aboard The Wheel, and you’ve experienced ICON Park Liri-style.

If put in charge of ICON Park for a day, Liri would make a splash by adding an interactive water play area for kids. Dog lovers will be happy to know that her master plan would also include a dog park. Frankly, we’re all for it!

 It’s big-minded ideas like these, along with the big-hearted care she shows to every guest that makes Liri Sheffi a truly iconic member of our team. We’re lucky to call her part of our family.

Meet Raquel Medina

If you looked up the word “service” in your encyclopedia, you’ d probably see Raquel’s picture right next to it. After three years as an ICON Parks guest service host, she has cemented LEGEND status among our true team ICONs and our many visitors.

Raquel may be a New Jersey native, but her hospitable nature is Floridan through and through. A loving grandmother, she is an expert at taking care of people in a personal way. Her people-oriented personality makes her a natural fit at ICON Park, where she loves interacting with guests and “helping them with their needs.”

It comes as no surprise that her favorite part about working at ICON Park is “interacting with guests from all over the country.” Her favorite on-the-clock memory is helping out with the Baby DJ Program, where she puts her giving heart to use spreading holiday cheer to Central Florida families in need.

At home, Raquel loves spending time with her grandchildren. When the mood strikes, she also likes to cut loose and enjoy ICON Park’s top-notch attractions and maybe even a glass of sangria from Tapa Toro. Without a doubt, she knows how to bring the party!

Raquel has big ideas for her ICON Park home. If put in charge of the park for the day, she would implement an all new efficiency algorithm to maximize her team’s workplace experience! It’s this kind of innovative thinking that makes Raquel a true leader and an invaluable part of our family.

In everything she does, Raquel Medina works to make ICON Park an incredible place for visitors and her coworkers. She is the heart and soul of our iconic family!

The daily excellence Liri, Raquel, and the rest our true team ICONs demonstrate continues to make ICON Park a top Orlando destination. Words will never tell just how thankful we are for all they do for our guests at Orlando’s Hometown Playground.