Fun Things To Do Near Orlando Airport.

Best Things To Do Around Orlando’s International Drive
ICON Park Orlando

A trip to Orlando is always a great idea, especially when you’re bringing the whole family. This city is famously home to the best in theme parks, amusement centers, entertainment complexes, parks, and even outdoor adventures that are sure to fill your days with excitement. But spending time at the airport can be tedious, whether it’s upon your arrival, or on your departure day.

You may find yourself at the airport with time to burn for any number of reasons. Maybe the rest of your party are arriving on a later flight, or you had an early hotel check out and rental car return. Maybe your outbound flight is delayed.

Regardless, you want to get as much “vacation” out of your vacation, and here are some ideas on how to do that. When you land at the International Airport, you’ll be anxious to get out and explore.  But what happens when you are at the airport for half a day or more? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered.

Some Tips

  • Unless you have close to a full day, you may want to forego some of the bigger, busier and more expensive parks. There are plenty of close and affordable options that you may otherwise have missed.
  • Allow yourself ample time for getting through airport check-in and security if you are departing the same day.  Who wants to end a fabulous vacation with unnecessary stress.
  • Allow for traffic and rental car return. Consider other options like Uber, the private car, or even Lynx, which is the local bus system. Lynx runs every half hour and is only $2 per ride. Check out their site.

A List of Things To Do Near Orlando International Airport.

Things To Do Near Orlando International Airport
Orlando, FL, USA

Getting off your flight when you arrive in Orlando is sure to build up plenty of excitement in you, as the prospect of exploring the city and experiencing the wonder takes over. And when it times to head home, why not get the most out of those last hours. Here are a few things to do near Orlando International Airport that will maximize the fun.

  • Lake Eola Park. How about some outdoor time before you get on that confined and crowded plan or head back to the cold? If you’re looking for things to do near Orlando international airport, you might want to drop by Lake Eola Park which is located in the center of downtown Orlando, less than a half hour from the airport. It has a sidewalk that encircles the lake, which makes for a comfortable walk or run. Try out the paddle boats, take a photo of the birds and swans that inhabit the park, and skip the airplane snacks and satisfy your hunger with the restaurants in the area. You may be lucky enough to enjoy a concert, play, or movie at the amphitheater.
Things To Do Near Orlando International Airport
  • ICON Park Orlando. Head over to ICON Park and make your final look at Orlando be from 400 feet above the city on The Wheel at ICON Park. This iconic observation wheel provides breathtaking views in all directions. And back on the ground, take advantage of all the other attractions and dining venues in this exciting and affordable entertainment complex.
Best Things To Do Around Orlando’s International Drive
The Wheel at ICON Park
  • Pointe Orlando. Head out to Pointe Orlando on International Drive for a one-stop shop that can meet all your needs. There are restaurants here that will satisfy every taste and budget. Make a quick stop by Johnny Rockets or Ben & Jerry’s or if you want to sample international cuisines, try out Cuba Libre Restaurant, Maggiano’s Little Italy, or the Rum Bar. [4] Skip the airport food!
  • Orlando Kart Center. For those who want to burn off that adrenaline before the long flight and experience the thrill of driving a go-kart, Orlando Kart Center is the place to be. Just 20 minutes from the airport, this outdoor entertainment center gives you a chance to drive around a race track like a professional driver. Equipped with safety gears, you’ll compete with one another and get bragging rights for who is the best driver – all in a safe and controlled environment. [1]
Things To Do Near Orlando International Airport
  • SeaWorld Orlando. Another activity that you can do less than a half hour from Orlando International Airport is to visit Orlando’s famous SeaWorld. Dine with a view of their sharks, get close to penguins, and even get a chance to pat a dolphin on the nose. This is one of the oldest parks in the Orlando area with 200 acres worth of rides, attractions, as well as animal exhibits that are designed specifically for marine life. The shows here are not only entertaining but educational as well. [2]
Things To Do Near Orlando International Airport
  • Orlando International Premium Outlets. If you’re waiting for your flight, or just got off one at the international airport, why not do a little shopping? Skip the Florida Mall for a while and instead, head to Orlando International Premium Outlets where everything can be purchased at a bargain price. Among the brands here that won’t cost you a fortune are Armani, Coach, Burberry, Lacoste, J.Crew and others. If you want to do some last-minute shopping, this is a great place to check out.
  • Downtown Orlando. From the international airport, it will only take you a few minutes to get to downtown Orlando where you can dine at one of the many restaurants in the area. Check out Ace Café Orlando while in the area, or just walk around to see what the city has to offer. If you’re not renting a car, there’s a bus terminal here that can take you to the airport or your next destination. [3]
Things To Do Near Orlando International Airport
Downtown Orlando
  • Disney World. If you’re waiting for your flight and still have plenty of time, why not one more visit to Walt Disney World? Walt Disney World is one of the many major theme parks in the area and is about 17 miles away from the international airport by car. Grab that ride you missed during your stay. There’s still time.
Things To Do Near Orlando International Airport
Disney World
  • Universal Studios. Don’t miss out on Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and all the other attractions you can find at Universal Islands of Adventure by Universal Orlando. The rides here will make you scream with excitement, with the twists and turns enough to make you want to go for another turn.
Things To Do Near Orlando International Airport
Universal Studio
  • Florida Mall. Go on a shopping spree at the Florida Mall where you can while away a few hours finding that perfect gift for someone special, or something special just for you. Check out the retail outlets, restaurants, and specialized boutiques. And because it’s just 10 miles away from the airport, you can even drive there yourself while waiting for your flight to do some quick shopping.
  • Kennedy Space Center. For those whose flights have been delayed for a day, why not make the most out of your time and visit the Kennedy Space Center? The Visitor Complex is grouped into Mission Zones that include various attractions as well as experiences that are part of NASA’s achievements. Explore the stars, meet the astronauts, and maybe even get the chance to see the rockets launched into space. [5]
Things To Do Near Orlando International Airport
Kennedy Space Center
  • Harry P. Leu Gardens. Appreciate the beauty of nature in one of the most beautiful gardens in the city right in Harry P. Leu Gardens. Home to more than a thousand rose bushes as well as the most extensive collection of camellias, walking around this garden paradise gives you a pleasant reprieve from the overwhelming crowds of people in theme parks and the airport. The perfect place to kill some time while waiting for your flight.
  • Tiber-Butler Nature Preserve. This nature preserve gives its guests a chance to see the beauty of Florida. A quiet destination in Orlando Fl, this is the perfect spot to escape the heat that Florida is known for. There are plenty of trees that offer shade as you walk around, plus stunning views of the wetlands that will make you feel relaxed. [6]

What to Do In Orlando International Airport?

Aside from the things to do near Orlando International Airport, there are lots of wars to spend your time while at the airport. Not comfortable going too far from the area on your departure day? No problem.  Here are some things that you can do while still at the terminal airport.

Things To Do Near Orlando Airport
Orlando International Airport
  • Lounge. There are two lounge areas in the airport that are open to all travelers. You can pay upon entering so you can make use of their free WiFi, food, shower facilities, and other amenities. You can also make reservations in advance so that your time here will be smooth sailing.
  • Dining. There are over 50 dining options, ranging from grab and go to the more leisurely. Why get on a plane hungry or be hostage to airline food when so many options including most major chains such as Macaroni Grill and Outback are right here?  For a special moment, dine at Hyatt’s Hemispheres where you’ll enjoy great runway views
  • Art exhibits. You can check out the rotating as well as fixed art exhibits throughout the airport if you want a last glimpse of the culture. There are plenty of art installations worth taking a closer look at.
  • Shopping. No airport would be complete without shops for you to check out before leaving. There are more than 60 shops available here which can quickly fill up your time during a layover. There are Duty-Free areas, sunglasses, perfumes, books, and even technology sold here. Boutique brands are available too, but if you have ample time to spare, the Premium Outlets nearby are still worth heading visiting. [7]

Visiting Orlando is an excellent choice for an adventure, and while waiting for your flight out, you can check out the many sights and attractions near the airport or take in all that the airport has to offer. Sources: