helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm

helena Modern Riviera Happy Hour features $9.90 cocktails weekdays until 6pm


A Chill Holiday at ICON Park

At ICON Park, we love the Christmas season, and take pride in being Orlando’s Home for the Holidays. But let’s be real, it’s been “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” since Halloween. If you’re feeling a little wassail-weary by now, you’re not alone.

For those out there needing a few hours of refuge from all the mistletoe and holly, ICON Park has all the timeless warmth of those beloved Christmases past without the in-your-face hype. Here’s just a few ways you can spend a laidback holiday here at Orlando’s Hometown Playground.

Take a Yuletide Flight

If you’re looking to escape the bustle of the holiday crowds, why not get above it all? Say, 400 ft. above it all? The Wheel at ICON Park is the perfect way to enjoy all the sights of the season without fighting the throngs. This twenty-two-minute tour of the City Beautiful’s holly-decked skyline is one of the most chill ways to be a part of the holiday magic.

For a little added relaxation, reserve The Wheel’s Sky Bar and enjoy some Christmas “spirits” as you soar the seasonal skies. Trust us, it’s all the “buzz” this time of year.

Enjoy Christmas… in a Cup

Whether you’re super into Christmas or only lightly seasonal, there’s no doubt about it that the season brings with it some of the tastiest treats around. If you want to savor some holiday flavors in peace, we recommend the secluded setting of iCafe de Paris.  

Set back from the ICON Park Lawn, this continental café boasts a delicious menu of crepes, cookies, coffees, and some of the finest hot chocolate in town. It’s the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy the festive atmosphere without being mobbed by merry-makers.

Puff and Pass the Cheer

If you need something a little stronger than cocoa the calm your holiday nerves, iLounge Istanbulhas you covered. The chic ambience of this exotic hideaway will shield you from the barrage of holiday cheer as you enjoy hookah along with a well-curated wine and beer list. 

Trust us, it’s one of the LEAST Christmassy experiences you’ll find here at ICON Park, in a good way!

Roll Your Own Holiday

What better way to escape the holiday rush than a vacation. Maybe to some far away country? Well, yay you if it’s in your budget to jet-set around the globe. But if not, Mikado Japanese Restaurantat ICON Park will make you feel like you’ve set foot in one of the trendiest sushi bars in Tokyo.

Hushed lighting, cozy seating, and a delicious menu of Far East favorites will have you feeling an ocean away from the glitter storm of holiday hype. And honestly, when isn’t sushi a good idea?

A chill holiday scalable to your level of seasonal spirit is waiting for you today at ICON Park, Orlando’s Hometown Playground.