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I Spy Game on The Wheel

A Game of I Spy Aboard The Wheel

We at ICON Park boast a slew of incredible attractions. While we love them all, you may have realized by now that we kind of have a favorite child (Shhh… don’t tell the others). He’s tall, round, perfectly proportioned, and really knows how to light up the night! Surprise! Surprise! He’s The Wheel, and while …

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Play Pass at ICON Park

ICON Park Play Pass

We at ICON Park know you love us and all the fun we have to offer. In December, we teased a whole new way to play, party, and own the sky at Orlando’s Hometown Playground. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce to you the ICON Park Play Pass! For only $65, this brand new experience option …

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Gathering at ICON Park

Hospitality Mondays at ICON Park

Let’s be honest, nobody likes Mondays. For many of you here in the City Beautiful, the Monday morning alarm means heading off to one of Orlando’s world-famous theme parks, resorts, or restaurants to make long-lasting memories for the millions of guests that flock here. If you work in Orlando’s legendary hospitality industry, you are just …

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Face Your Fear at ICON Park

Face Your Fear of Heights at ICON Park

Orlando is what some might call a city of giants! Home to thrill rides that stand over 400 feet tall, it’s a haven for those seeking their latest adrenaline fix. Of course, those harrowing heights aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. As you might know, ICON Park is home to some of the tallest thrills in …

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Orlando Wine Festival at ICON Park

February is a month during which we all celebrate the people we love most. For many, that means our spouses and significant others. For others, that might mean our best gal pals or bromances.  No matter what kind of love you’re celebrating this month, we’ve got the perfect pairing for all your lovey-dovey revelry… wine! …

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Champagne at The Wheel

Romance Capsules: A Word From The Wheel

Hey there lovebirds! It’s me, your old buddy The Wheel coming at you again. As you may have already heard, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day all month long here at ICON Park. Take it from someone who’s been around as much I have (literally, like 12 hours a day, every day), if you’re trying to woo …

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Love at ICON Park

A Month of Love at ICON Park

Hello young lovers! It’s February, and we’re dolling up for a month of love at ICON Park. You may not know it, but Orlando’s Hometown Playground just happens to be one of the most romantic spots in the City Beautiful. All year, couples from around the world come here for every occasion from date nights …

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