The Giants Are Coming: ICON Park’s Slingshot and Drop Tower

Do you notice anything different about us? If not, then you might want to look up because ICON Park is getting taller! In Summer of 2021, two TOWERING new names are joining our iconic family of attractions. The ICON Park Slingshot and Drop Tower will add over 700 feet and LOTS of decibels to the Orlando Entertainment District’s skyline. Already home to world’s tallest swing ride and one of the tallest observation wheels in the world, these new “world’s tallest” thrill rides will feel right at home at Orlando’s Hometown Playground. Adrenaline junkies be prepared, because the giants are coming!  

ICON Park Slingshot

It’s not just you, it’s getting hot in here! The all new ICON Park Slingshot will turn up the heat by lowering riders into the belly of a churning volcano. As the mountain of magma erupts, guests will launch riders 450 feet in the air at 100 screaming miles per hour! After reeling to the sensation of momentary weightlessness, thrill seekers will experience an exhilarating rush as they plummet back to Earth. No doubt about it, this tantalizingly terrifying new attraction is not for the faint of heart. If you want work up to riding the world’s tallest slingshot, we recommend a few practice flights on the Orlando Slingshot at the Orlando Entertainment District’s Magical Midway!  

ICON Park Drop Tower

Our iconic family is trembling with joy (and just a small case of the jitters) at welcoming the world’s tallest drop tower to Orlando’s Hometown Playground! Standing a shimmering 430 ft. tall, the ICON Park Drop Tower will carry riders 40 stories up into the Orlando sky. After a brief pause to take in the stunning vista of a bustling I-Drive, riders will take a white-knuckle free fall at 75 mph. Boasting one of the fastest, smoothest ride systems to date, the ICON Park Drop Tower promises to bring high-speed exhilaration that is truly the “top” of the line. So, stow those hats and glasses and hang on to your courage as you take the plunge!

ICON Park and the rest of “The District” are AMPED to welcome these stomach-tickling attractions to Orlando’s Newest Place to Play. Be sure to mark your calendar for Summer 2021 to be first in line for these new, record-smashing attractions! To make the most of your visit, we recommend looking into a full getaway at the heart of the Orlando Entertainment District. With a litany of places to enjoy a delicious bite, a relaxing pint, and first-rate fun, there’s no better place to celebrate conquering Orlando’s tallest thrills. The giants are coming to ICON Park, and we can’t wait to have some fee-fi-fo-FUN with you!